Canine Nutrition Services

Now scheduling new clients for mid to late December. (Dogs with pancreatitis are prioritized because it’s a painful condition.) Please submit an intake form to get on my waitlist.

Services listed are generally for proactive maintenance diets for healthy adult dogs, however I do take pancreatitis and kidney disease clients. I also take a limited number of puppy clients, which starts as a 5-hour service. (Please contact me for a referral if you need a cat, or other therapeutic recipe, or if you’re not sure!) Prices reflect the time and effort allotted for me to complete the service, which is indicated in hours in the service description. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let me know so I can provide you with an estimate to get you what you need. Turnaround time for individualized recipe analyses and formulations is generally about 2-3 weeks after I receive your intake form, but I’m in communication with you from the start.

Free Initial Intake Consultation

I look forward to creating a recipe / meal plan for your dog! Please fill-out an intake form so I can get the pertinent information and help you choose the service that is the best fit for you and your dog. You will receive an email from me after I receive your intake form so we can further discuss your dog’s needs and how I can help.
I allot half an hour of my time for this free service.

Recipe Analysis Only (For existing clients)

Already making food for your dog and just want to see how it stacks up compared to NRC nutrient standards? I’ll evaluate your recipe to see which nutrients are lacking or in excess, and provide you with a report showing the nutritional breakdown. Typically, calcium, zinc, manganese, iodine, vitamin E and vitamin D are deficient in homemade dog food. This may be the service you need if you feel your recipe is very close to being nutritionally complete and balanced. (Please also see “recipe analysis plus” below.)
I allot 1.4 hours of my time for this service. back to top

Recipe Analysis Plus Adjustments (For existing clients)

Recipe analysis (described above) plus adjustments and recommendations for supplements or whole foods to fill nutritional gaps. If your list of ingredients is complex, addition time/fees applies.
I allot 2 hours of my time for this service. back to top

Recipe Analysis and Adjustments with 1 Hour Support

This service offers an hour of follow-up support or guidance on top of the Recipe Analysis Plus. This is great for people who want more than just their current recipe adjusted and are interested in learning why changes to ingredient amounts, and often supplementation, are needed to meet their individual dog’s nutrient requirements.
I allot 3 hours of my time for this service. back to top

Individualized Recipe Formulation Only (for one dog)

There are countless combinations of ingredients that could potentially be used as part of a nutritionally complete diet, so this will require input from you and a little bit of back-and-forth via email as the recipe is formulated and finalized. I use an intake form to get information about your dog and the ingredients that you’d like to use, and are accessible to you, such as protein and carb sources. It sometimes involves you taking a trip to the grocery store to see what cuts of meat are a reasonable price where you live. (Recipes include a nutritional breakdown and supplement recommendations as described in the “recipe analysis” above.) If support or guidance is needed beyond just receiving a recipe, an additional hour can be added at a discounted rate (please see “recipe formulation plus” below).
I allot 3 hours of my time for this service. back to top

Individualized Recipe Formulation Plus 1 Hour Support (This is the service for new clients)

If you’re new to home-prepared dog food, or have a sensitive or picky dog, this is a good fit for you! There’s a huge learning curve when making food for your dog. This service is the “individualized recipe formulation” as described above plus it allows me to allot an additional hour of follow-up support or guidance, at a discounted rate, via email or a Zoom call.
I allot 4 hours of my time for this service. back to top

Consultations and Q&A Sessions

This can include support or guidance needed after the time allotted for a service has been used, or for general canine nutrition questions. Pease let me know what I can help you with! I enjoy teaching and am more than happy to provide relevant educational resources. I’m available via email or Zoom video calls. back to top

Nutritional Supplement Analysis

This is can be an add-on for those needing a recipe analysis and are using a multi-nutrient supplement, or this can be a stand alone service as well. I typically do not find multi-vitamins to be helpful (because they can be high in one thing and low in another), and my recipes generally recommend single nutrient supplements only when needed (when they are lacking in the whole food ingredients). This is an additional service because of the time needed to evaluate each individual nutrient in a “multi” in order to determine whether or not it provides a benefit to your particular dog’s diet.
I allot half an hour of my time for this service. back to top

How to Purchase a Service

To get started I will need to receive a completed intake form. For new clients I recommend the 4-hour service. Please complete the form and you will receive an email from me.