Companion Animal Nutrition Professionals List

Have you ever considered consulting with a dog or cat nutrition professional to formulate individualized recipes for your pet? Did you know that being a vet is not a prerequisite for formulating nutritionally balanced home-prepared food for companion animals? (Nor do vets typically receive this type of training.) That would be like a human dietitian needing to become a physician or surgeon first. However, many pet parents do not know where else to turn for advice on homemade or raw diets beyond board-certified veterinary nutritionists who are very few in numbers, so we have started a list of professional pet nutrition consultants.

This list is provided for informational purposes only. Please visit the consultants’ websites for further information, to see if they are taking new clients, and to contact them directly. We hope to grow this list and hope it will help you in your search for a qualified* pet nutrition professional!

List of qualified pet nutrition professionals (in alphabetical order):

Catherine Gabbott, Suppawtive Health Solutions (AU)
National College of Traditional Medicine, Nutrition Certificate

Jackie Gowland, Functional Canine (AU)
Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation, Animal Nutrition Certificate
University of Adelaide, BSc Animal Science

Lindsay Hadfield, Clovis & Company (US)
University of Illinois, Companion Animal Nutrition Certificate

Erica Hartt, The Whole Woof (US)
Companion Animal Science Institute, Canine Nutrition Certificate

Victoria Koay, Bowls & Blends (SG)
Companion Animal Science Institute, Advanced Canine Nutrition Certificate

Cat Lane, The Possible Canine (CA)
Chartered Herbalist
Companion Animal Science Institute, Canine Nutrition and Fitness Diploma

Katie McCaul, The Pet Diet (UK)
Association for Nutrition, Registered Associate Nutritionist

Aline Motta, Cão Integral (BR)
University of Nottingham, MSc Animal Nutrition (currently enrolled)

Jenny Ryoo, Better Cells (US)
Companion Animal Science Institute, Canine Nutrition Certificate

Allison Shalla, Homeopawthic (CA)
Academy of Natural Health Sciences, Canine Nutrition Certificate

Ashlyn Van Buren, Barks n’ Bowls (US)
Southern Illinois University, Canine and Feline Nutrition Certificate

Savannah Welna, Feed Thy Dog (US)
Companion Animal Science Institute, Advanced Canine Nutrition Certificate

* The above are non-vet pet nutrition professionals who create science-based diet formulations for dogs (and perhaps cats), who have at least two years of experience (most have many more), and who have completed a relevant program of study.

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This is not an endorsement and is for reference only. It’s up to you to ask the nutrition consultant the important questions about the species, life stage (for example, puppies or adults), and health conditions they work with, and their experience, training, and feeding philosophy (such as cooked or raw, grains or no grains, and views regarding supplementation, or anything else that may be important to you). You should ask what nutritional standard they formulate to and why. Because I believe in using the science, my opinion is the answer should be something like NRC (National Research Council), or FEDIAF (European Federation of the Pet Food Industry). They should be 100% willing to discuss your pet’s diet with your veterinarian if the need arises.

If you meet the requirements stated for this list, please contact us and send a link to your website. Thank you for you interest in this free resource for pet owners!

Updated April 20, 2022