What We Do

Since 2012, we have grown from making food for our dog Clovis who suffered from allergies, to offering healthy treats and dog food toppers at our local farmers markets, to providing nutrition consultations and formulation services for those wanting to prepare balanced homemade food.

Pet Nutrition Consultant and owner, Lindsay Hadfield, is passionate about helping those who want to optimize their dog’s diet to ensure that it’s nutritionally complete. She holds a certificate in Companion Animal Nutrition from the University of Illinois.

Clovis, the dog who started it all! He went from being red and itchy to having healthy skin and ears with an appropriate diet.
At the Omaha, Nebraska Farmers’ Market with one of our favorite customers.

Services include Recipe Formulation, in which homemade meals for your adult dog are evaluated (using NRC standards1) and suggestions for modifications and additions are made for nutrients that are lacking or in excess. 

1NRC = National Research Council of The National Academies of Sciences. For the literature click here.